Middletown Springs Historic District
The Middletown Springs Historical Society is proud to announce the publication of the Middletown Springs Historic District book, a collection of the photographs and descriptions of the historic properties and places in the village of Middletown Springs, based on the National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form, prepared by historic preservation architect, Matthew Cohen, and approved by the National Park Service in Washington, D.C. in 1985.
Middletown Springs Historic District book, $75, postpaid.

History of Middletown, Vt.
by Barnes Frisbie, (1867, revised 1975)
137 pp.
Gently used copies, $35 postpaid; Photocopies or CDROM copies $20 postpaid.

The Society also has for sale a limited number of antique Middletown Springs Mineral Water bottles. Prices start at $60.

To order any of the above or for more information, please contact David Wright at

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